DS Series

DS Series

Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer


  • The DS series single stage / two stage speed reducers are offered in a wide range of speeds and torques. The meticulous design effort has generated this low weight to power ratio product line. The entire range also available with in-built backstop option which makes it most favorable option for mining and quarry applications, more specifically in slant / slope / inclined conveyor applications.

Technical data

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Performance Data

> Transmission torque
: 420 Nm ... 17000 Nm
> Power
: 0.9 kW ... 195 kW
> Gear ratio
: 5 ... 33.2:1

Output configuration

> Keyed hollow shaft, Plug-in solid shaft
> Torque limiter as an option
> Backstop available for all frame sizes and can be accessible Externally.

Input Configuration

> Solid input shaft

Mounting Configuration

> Torque arm mount

Gear Case

> Sturdy cast iron housing suitable for outdoor installation.