P Series

P Series

Planetary Geared Motor


  • The compact and modular configuration offers you a spectrum of fatigue-resistant, reliable and finely spaced gear unit solutions as our P series Planetary geared motors which find applications with low speed and high torque demands. The series includes not only the highly integrated planetary gear motor but also maximum conformity with all international motor standards and ensures that quality and performance bear a sensible relationship to life cycle costs and price.
  • The product configuration is highly versatile, due to the largely modular options of mounting, gear layout, output shafts and other interfaces. All features are available for each of the 16 frame sizes spanning over 1200 – 60000 Nm torque range

Technical data

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Performance Data

> Transmission torque
: 1,200 Nm ... 60,000 Nm
> Power
: 0.09 kW ... 250 kW
> Gear ratio
: 3.48 ... 2186:1

Output configuration

> Keyed hollow shaft, Keyed solid, Splined, Splined hollow
> Hollow shaft with shrink disc

Input Configuration

> IEC motor interface
> Solid input shaft
> Compact integral motor

Mounting Configuration

> Foot Mount
> Flange Mount

Applicable motors

> IEC normalized motors and Brake motors
> Integral motors and Brake motors
> Single and dual speed motors