Gear Boxes & Geared Motor...

Gear Boxes and Geared Motor

Gear Technology at its Best !

Unparalleled Transmission Efficiency of Motion, Power & Torque !!

Thanks to the Preusse’s enviable know-how, experience and expertise acquired over decades in Gear Technology and ever – improvising design and manufacturing capabilities of our team that has enabled us to develop a series of Top of the Line – Gear Boxes and Geared Motors embossing New Standards in the Market.

Furthermore the fusion of Delayed Differentiation and Modular Design, has enabled us to provide our customers the options to choose from an extremely wide range of over 350,000 Versions to suit any application. Preusse offers one of widest range of Geared Motors / Gearboxes of Inline Helical, Worm, Shaft Mounted, Bevel, Bevel-Helical types.

Every Series of Gear Boxes / Geared Motors are a result of deployment of Latest Technological experience & Knowledge as well as High Optimization point of Aesthetic appearance, High precision & Economic feasibility.

Preusse’s every Gear-Train’s High Efficiency with Low Noise level is achieved by a blend of masterly designed and finely crafted Gears, Shafts, precisely machined Cast Iron / Alluminium Housings, in combination with High end Bearings & Seals.

Salient Features of Preusse Gear Drives and Gear Boxes

  • Wide range of Ratios / speeds
  • High Power to Weight Ratio
  • High Quality to Price Ratio
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Wide Range of Mounting Positions

Reliability of Design, Manufacturing Process and a Continuous Improvement System ensured by a team of highly motivated and efficient people guarantees the Reliability of our Products.

Concept >> Design >> Development

Products are designed and developed from concept stage strictly in adherence to guidelines & regulations of Engineering Industry & Environment. At Designs, 3D CAD, Simulation & Strength Analysis by FEA, Roto-dynamics for NVH are employed to achieve the targeted Optimum design. At every stage of Engineering & Design, the production planning closely interwoven to guarantee a defect-free process.

Gear Manufacturing

Constant intensified focus is on production process that has led Preusse to develop internally exclusive & proprietary process to produce Gears of extremely high quality which at the core define the performance of any gear train. Gear Tooth are precisely ground to achieve almost perfect profile of Involute form which guarantees the high mechanical efficiency.

Other Parts >> Assembly >> Testing

A constant & continuous endeavor to develop both internally & externally, new high reliability but cost effective manufacturing processes has resulted in economical components of high quality fit for mass production.

Ascertaining all Key Performance Parameters of Gear Train is done extensively on the Modern Test Benches with automated processes to ensure reliable measurements which all serves as a sound foundation for our Product Reliability.

Product Range

The range of Products includes Helical-Spur, Helical Gear Drive units, Worm, Heli-Worm Gear units ranging from Single Stage to Six-Stage Gear trains and are delivered in combination with 3-Phase AC and DC Motors.

Gear Train Type
2-4 Stages
0.09 - 15 kW
1200 Nm
3.13 – 1605:1
2-6 Stages
0.09 - 30 kW
2300 Nm
4.62 – 3065:1
Single Stage
0.09 - 7.5 kW
200 Nm
1.40 - 9.11:1
1-2 Stages
0.09 - 15 kW
4635 Nm
5 – 8000:1
Helical -Worm
2 Stages
0.09 - 9.9 kW
3645 Nm
75 – 308:1
1-2 Stages
0.09 - 17.5 kW
931 Nm
5 – 5000:1
2 Stages
0.09 - 3.3 kW
900 Nm
75 - 308:1
1-2 Stages
Upto 195 kW
17,000 Nm
5.0 – 33.2:1
1- 6 Stage
0.09 ... 250 kW
60,000 Nm
3.48 ... 2186:1
Single Stage
0.18- 90 kW
600 Nm
1.0 – 7.7:1