HW Series

HW Series

Helical-Worm Geared Motor


  • Helical worm geared motors represent the most cost-effective solution for angular geared motors in the lower torque range. The efficiency is significantly better than that of pure worm geared motors. Due to the combination of helical and worm gear stage, relatively higher ratios can be achieved in compact space as compared to W-Series. Further, the Heli-worm geared motors are solution to silent drive requirements.

Technical data

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Performance Data

> Transmission torque
: 80 Nm ... 3645 Nm
> Power
: 0.09 kW ... 9.9 kW
> Gear ratio
: 75 ... 308:1

Output configuration

> Keyed hollow shaft, Plug-in solid shaft
> Torque limiter as an option

Input Configuration

> IEC motor interface
> Solid input shaft
> Compact integral motor

Applicable motors

> IEC normalized motors and Brake motors
> Integral motors and Brake motors
> Single and dual speed motors