WBWB Series

WBWB Series

Tandem Worm Geared Motor


  • The design of the modular concept of the WB-Series worm geared motors enable an easy and robust configuration of combinations of its own series gearboxes to yield Tandem worm geared motors. Such a configuration enables to extremely high ratios of 5000:1. This feature though achieved is without a compromise on achievable efficiency and cost.

Technical data

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Performance Data

> Transmission torque
: 60 Nm ... 860 Nm
> Power
: 0.09 kW ... 2.1 kW
> Gear ratio
: 225 ... 5000:1

Output configuration

> Keyed hollow shaft, Plug-in solid shaft
> Torque limiter as an option

Input Configuration

> IEC motor interface
> Solid input shaft
> Compact integral motor

Applicable motors

> IEC normalized motors and Brake motors
> Integral motors and Brake motors
> Single and dual speed motors