Preusse Powertrain stands for its core values, which it respects, practices and preaches.

These values are traditional, yet fundamental, for the sustainability of any business.

Transparency & Honesty of Purpose

We are governed by honesty and integrity in both,  professional and personal level. We adhere to an uncompromising moral code of behavior and ethics which guide our business and our personal lives. And, believe in openness in communication and accountability.

Leadership, Team Sprit & Mutual Respect

From diversity comes knowledge and experience. Our people and partners cut across global and regional borders, bringing in admirable levels of energy, excitement and ideas.

We value our people as contributors, not employees and we provide equal opportunities for everyone to display leadership skills.

Innovation and Creativity

We are responsible for and committed to the growth of our partners and our Human Capital. We perceive innovation as more than just about introducing new products; but about reinventing businesses and creating new markets by tapping new customer needs. We give our people an open forum to create new ideas and challenge existing ones in order to raise the bar.

Quality & Responsiveness

Profitability is critical to growth and growth can be achieved only through quality.


By constantly identifying new customer needs, dynamics and potential growth areas, we widen the pool of new ideas and execute them in record time to keep us ahead of the competition.



Preusse Powertrain believes in turning challenges into opportunities. We strive to perfect our processes, people and practices to shape them into our key strengths. Investments in creating a better future are made with an eye to create a mutually beneficial eco-system. Our foundation is adorned with the following key strengths


Our strongest pillar is our people, and this pillar is endowed with skills, capabilities and an attitude that is hard to replace. Fresh talent combined with an experienced pool of personnel enables tapping the extraordinary potential from seemingly ordinary people.

The culture at our company is to inspire our people to experiment innovative ideas and to develop concepts into tangible results that prove to be a breakthrough in the automotive powertrain technology as well as the industrial motion and drives. We work with an integrated vision, tirelessly working towards creating Quality Life.

Processes & Logistics

Our processes not only infuse life in our ideas, but also turn them into our dreams and achievements. Sophisticated technology and continuous research enable us to deliver output of only the best quality.

Logistics, on the other hand, deliver our dreams to the world. A well-integrated supply chain, ensuring just-in-time delivery to the customers, is one of the critical success factors of our business.


Sophisticated and adequately end-to end equipped, our facilities match those considered the best in the industry. The facilities at Preusse Powertrain support our other three key strengths, viz. people, processes and logistics, and relationships.


Our terms and dealing with our employees, suppliers, vendors and consumers are absolutely honest and transparent. Hence, our relationship with these parties is amicable, loyal and rewarding.